Stan Nieuwenhuis

Stan Nieuwenhuis is an award-winning composer, performer and sound engineer. He loves to share his passion for creating music and sound through workshops, teaching and conducting.


As a composer I’m constantly observing the world we live in. The contrasts, the hope, the bullshit, all of it. All the music I write is a crossover from different styles I got to know growing up. From brassband to pop, from classical to electronic music. This versatility is what defines me as a composer.

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I like to be on stage, but somewhere in the corner is fine, unless I’m conducting, then I’ll gladly take center stage, obviously. You can come see me perform in musical theatre pieces, as the conductor of a brassband or as a part of doux. Check my facebook for details!


Sound Engineer

My fascination for sound, skill and technology brought me to train as sound engineer at SAE Rotterdam. I always have some kind of sound engineering project going on. Ask me about it!

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Teaching Artist

I really like teaching people about music and sound. Especially when I can do it in a new and innovative way, thinking outside the box. I’ve started teaching more in recent years, in different fields (like composing and sound design). The interaction between my own work and skillset and those of the students in the class room is something I love and appreciate immensely. It feeds the creative process and keeps it going.

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