Early Skies

Early Skies

Orchestration: Flugel and Brassband
Artist: S├ębastien Rousseau
Release: September 2014

"Belgian (born British) John Cockerill (1790-1840) was brought by his father to Belgium where he continued the family’s entrepreneurial tradition and founded an ironworks and a mechanical engineering company which produced the first Belgian steam locomotive. Before 1880 the coal authorities in the central region of Belgium constructed a waterway connection with Mons (the birthplace of Sébastien Rousseau) and Charleroi/ Brussels. To overcome the difference in height and due to the lack of water Jean Kraft Saulx (engineer for John Cockerill) proposed a formula of hydraulic elevators.

For my first solo CD I tried to overcome the same difference in height that Jean Kraft Saulx solved and selected a wide repertoire for flugel horn solo which flies over the past and present and looks to the future. We look back to some neglected, sometimes obscure and iconic solo works from the past (Leslie Condon and John Golland) who both succeeded in producing solo works to highlight the unique sound of my instrument. We then fly to a most extreme trip into the future, which was only possible due to the immense talents of present day composers Tom Davoren, Nigel Clarke, Stan Nieuwenhuis, Ludovic Neurohr and Philip Wilby. We even float into the lighter repertoire thanks to William Himes and Chuck Mangione. I hope you enjoy this FLIGHT through the flugel horn repertoire as much as I did." -- Sébastien Rousseau

Track List:
1 South Loop on the CTA - Tom Davoren
2 Concerto for Flugel Horn opus 87 - John Golland
3 Y deryn Pur (The Gentle Dove) - traditional Welsh Song arr. Ludovic Neurohr
4 Swiss Rhapsody - Leslie Condon
5 So Glad! - William Himes
6 Flight - Philip Wilby
7 Land of make believe - Chuck Mangione arr. Luc Vertommen
8 The Children of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione arr. Reid Gilje
9 Early Skies - Stan Nieuwenhuis
10 The Scarlet Flower (Concertante for flugel horn and string orchestra) - Nigel Clarke


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