False Front

False Front

Orchestration: Fanfare
Artist: Gelders Fanfare Orkest
Release: 2017

Commissioned by the Gelders Fanfare Orkest and their conductor Erik van de Kolk in 2016. False Front will be part of the WMC programme of the GFO. False Front is a piece about the duality in the globalized world. The act of 'othering' of the west to keep their own standards high is the main inspiration for this piece.

2017 WASBE Utrecht, Netherlands: Gelders Fanfare Orkest (Live)

Stan Nieuwenhuis: False Front 11:48
Scott, A: A Child Like You 19:25
Harrie Janssen: Rounded With a Sleep 8:06
Pütz: Time for Outrage! 15:02

Gelders Fanfare Orchestra conducted by Erik van der Kolk
Fenna Ograjensek (soprano), Wendy Rijken (harp)


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