Orchestration: Cornet and String Quartet
Artist: Alexis Demailly & Urban String Quartet
Release: December 2016

Fantasque was commissioned by French cornet player Alexis Demailly for a CD project full of music for cornet with string accompaniment. 

Fantasque is a work in four movements that was inspired by the unpredictability of the sea. Each movement symbolizes one of the different moods the sea can have. The first and fourth movement are rough and raw. The second movement symbolizes a softly windy shore. The third movement is the calm phase before the storm, the sky is cloudy and dark but the storm has not arrived yet.

Also on this recording new music for this unique combination of brass and strings by Peter Meechan.

1. Fantasque - Stan Nieuwenhuis
2. Charlie On My Mind - Joesph Vella
3. La Cigale Et La Fourmi - Niccolas Charron
4. Fujiko - Andy Scott arr. Alexis Demailly
5. Juillet 2015 - Arnaud Boukhitine
6. Meditation - Peter Meechan
7. Greensleeves Fantasy - Arnaud Boukhitine
8. Furie - Fabien Cali
9. Fall From Grace - Stan Nieuwenhuis
10. Doyle's Lament - Peter Graham arr. Alexis Demailly


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