Finale from This Wicked Struggle

Finale from This Wicked Struggle

Orchestration: tenor horn and brassband
Artist: Jonathan Bates and Black Dyke Band
Release: Februari 2015

Black Dyke Gold Edition 4 with their higlights of the past concert season including Jonathan Bates performing the finale of 'This Wicked Struggle'.

1 County Palatine Maurice Johnstone Black Dyke Band 5.09
2 Triumphant Rhapsody Gilbert Vinter Black Dyke Band 12.43
3 Flourish Paul Sharman Richard Marshall (Cornet) with Black Dyke Band
4.19 4 Little Lisa James Warr arr. Stanley Boddington Black Dyke Band 3.05
5 Finale from The Wicked Struggle Stan Nieuwenhuis Jonathan Bates (Tenor Horn) with Black Dyke Band 3.46
6 Blue Moon Traditional arr. Jonathan Bates Black Dyke Band 3.19
7 Scarborough Fair Traditional arr. Andrea Price Andrea Price (Percussion) with Black Dyke Band 5.36
8 Procession of the Nobles Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Howard Lorriman Black Dyke Band 4.47
9 On with the Motley Cavallo arr. Ray Farr Benjamin Richeton (Soprano Cornet) with Black Dyke Band 3.11
10 Song of the Volga Boatmen arr. Sandy Smith Black Dyke Band 2.31
11 What a Wonderful World arr. Alan Fernie Ian Yates (Euphonium) and Adrian Hirst (Bass Trombone) with Black Dyke Band 3.00
12 Sing Sing Sing arr. Dan Price Matthew Rigg (Drum Kit) with Black Dyke Band 3.12
13 Be My Love Brodsky arr. Ray Farr Katrina Marzella (Baritone) with Black Dyke Band 3.26
14 Highland Cathedral Michael Korb and Ulrick Roever arr. Howard Lorriman Black Dyke Band 3.41


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