Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool

Orchestration: Cornet and Brassband
Artist: Harmen Vanhoorne
Release: September 2012, 88906-2

Harmen Vanhoorne's debut album, containing 3 pieces of me: titeltrack 'Fortune's Fool', 'The Dark Days' and 'Fall From Grace'.

The Brass Herald - December 2012 - by John Maines
About 'Fall From Grace'
" The disc concludes with both an innovative and evocative track which features Harmen with tape accompaniment and, more pertinently, the voices of deposed Lybian leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Saif al-Islam when they had lost control of the North African dictatorship. "

British Bandsman - September 15th 2012 - by Paul Hindmarsh
About 'The Dark Days'
" Repeated grooves and dreamy delay effects create an engaging musical landscape, like a one-man jazz/blues band. "
About 'Fortune's Fool'
" (...) Stan Nieuwenhuis has created an engaging emotional journey, beautifully presented by the soloist. (...) A dazzling virtuoso showpiece. "
About 'Fall From Grace'
" This imaginative solo album ends with a curious final track - Fall From Grace, which incorporates recordings of the voice of Muamar Gadaffi within a jazz-funk electronic fusion setting. "

Brass Band World - October 2012 - by Christopher Thomas
About 'Fall From Grace'
' (...) Techniques ranging from the use of electronic effects pedals to vocal percussion (...) and incorporating extracts from speeches by Muammar Gadaffi are as fascinating as they are potentially controvsersial. "

Brassinfo - September 2012 - by Hendrik Smeenk
About 'The Dark Days'
" (...) De effecten die door de componist zijn gebruikt, beat-box geluiden, wah-wah geluiden, zijn niet wat uw recensent in eerste instantie zou verwachten. Maar eerlijk is eerlijk, het is 'out of the box', maar bijzonder knap en met kwaliteit gespeeld. (...) "
About 'Fortune's Fool'
" Het titelstuk Fortune's Fool geeft ook dat aparte, verassende nieuwe gevoel bij deze CD. "
About 'Fall From Grace'
" Fall From Grace......... u moet het beluisteren en bovenal de begeleidende tekst lezen. "


1. Off The Scale - Tom Davoren
2-4. Manchester Concertine - Peter Meechan
5. Apex - Peter Meechan
6-8. Premonitions - Nigel Clarke
9-12. Mysteries Of The Horizon - Nigel Clarke
13-15. The Dark Days - Stan Nieuwenhuis
16. Fortune's Fool - Stan Nieuwenhuis
17. Fall From Grace - Stan Nieuwenhuis


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