Mayfly Blues

Mayfly Blues

Orchestration: Baritone and Brassband
Artist: Kristy Rowe
Release: September 2013

Center Stage is Australian baritone star Kristy Rowe's 2nd solo album. Kristy commissioned Mayfly Blues for this project. After the premiere with piano accompaniment at the 2012 ITEC in Linz, this is the first performance and recording of the version with brassband accompaniment.

"The idea of creating this CD recording came about in late 2010, when I was nearing the end of my musical journey in the United Kingdom. I was speaking to Jason Katsikaris about wanting to keep in touch with the brass band scene upon my return to Australia and he suggested making a CD recording with Gunnedah Band as a project to work towards, as well as a memoir of my time in the UK.

As I started thinking more about the project and the music I would like to include, I decided that it would be great to have some new repertoire for baritone and brass band on the CD and that it might also be a good opportunity to promote the music of composer friends that I had made during my travels. And so came about the collaboration of many musicians and friends. Each work on this CD has significance to me; some have been composed or arranged specifically for the CD by friends, others hold a special place in my memories, and all have helped to shape me as a musician." Kristy Rowe

Track List:
1. The Healing Power of Flame – Tom Davoren (10:12)
2. Amarte Es Un Placer – Juan Carlos Calderon, Arr. Luc Vertommen (3:53)
3. Rhapsody for B flat Baritone and Brass Band – Philip Sparke (9:13)
4. Kristy’s Song – Peter Meechan (3:58)
5. Scherzo for Baritone – Iain Rayner (3:27)
6. Rangitoto – Goff Richards, Arr. Iain McKnight (12:11)
7. Mattinata – Ruggero Leoncavallo, Arr. Luc Vertommen (4:05)
8. Diversions for Baritone – Darrol Barry (8:01)
9. Film – Andy Scott, arr. Jim Fieldhouse (4:07)
10. Mayfly Blues – Stan Nieuwenhuis (7:56)
Total playing time: 67:05


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