A Buoy

A Buoy

Orchestration: Brassband
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 12:00
Editions: Brassband (85,00 euro)

A Buoy was written as a test piece for the Dutch National Brassband Championships 2019 (3rd division). A Buoy is a floating device that can have many purposes, in this case it symbolises the positivism and optimism that always surface. The inspiration and force behind this piece is the composers’s son Rover to whom this piece is dedicated.

The introduction of the work sets a soundscape of waves and divides the band in different groups. Musicians play from different directions to make the soundscape more dynamic. After the introduction the theme is presented in its original shape, played by flugelhorn en solo cornets. After that you can hear multiple variations on the theme (March, Energetic, Melancholic, Groovy and Finale). In the variations the musical material from the theme is used and focuses always on one aspect (rhythm, harmony, melody, mood). In the finale the piece builds up to a climax that bursts of energy and joy.

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