Orchestration: Brassband
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Duration: 18:30
Editions: Brassband (110,50 euro)

Cycles was premiered by the 'Ensemble de Cuivres Jurassien' at the Swiss Nationals in Montreux in November 2015.

Cycles is contest piece for brassband in 6 consecutive movements. The piece is inspired on different interpratiation of a birth or transition process. What comes behind the ligh at the end of the tunnel? Is the light at the end of the tunnel refering to our own birth process? Are we part of infinite circles? Is the concept of an ending something we as humans invented to accept things that are too big for us?

Cycles starts with 'Introduction', a build up of musical ideas that come and go as waves. After the introduction comes the second movement 'Sonata'. This is a rather classic sonata in structure, but the composer choses to have alternate modulations based on 4ths rather than the classic 5ths.

The 3rd and 4th movments are both slow movements. In the 3rd movement 'Cadenza's & Sonneries' the composer erases the border between stage and hall. Musicians play from all possible directions to accompany the soloists. The 4th movement builds further to a climax. The band goes back to the traditional setup.

The 5th movement 'Toccata' is a frivolous and technical movement where short solo's are combined with alternative percussion sounds and very rythmic popmusic inspired rythms and grooves. The 6th movement 'Finale' speaks for itself. musical ideas from earlier in the piece come together and the piece ends like it started (after the introduction).

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