Early Skies

Early Skies

Orchestration: Flugel, Tape and Brassband or Wind Band or Piano
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 6:15
Editions: Flugel + Brassband + Tape (52,00 euro), Flugel + Piano + Tape (20,00 euro), Flugel + Wind Band + Tape (52,00 euro)

Early Skies is a flugelhorn solo commissioned by Sébastien Rousseau for his debut solo album. The piece is inspired on a tragic story of a close friend from the composer. It is written as a lament from a mother that lost her newborn child. The flugelhorn soloist is accompanied by brassband and tape. The tape accompaniment consists of a heartbeat, electronic drums, beats, organs and synthesizers. The contrast between warm and sharp sounds in the accompaniment emphasises the emotional rollercoaster from the mother. In the soloist part the composer wrote many bends and glissandi to obtain a very expressive mourning and vocal-like sound. The piece starts out very soft with the heartbeat on tape and the soloist coming in alone. The soloist and accompaniment play in mutes to get a distant/absent atmosphere. Step by step the piece evolves to an extravert faster part. To the end the energy slowly fades out of the music. At the end of the piece the accompinemt fades away and the soloist is alone with the heartbeat again, untill the heartbeat stops...

Performing this piece live needs some technical considerations. The tape does not always give enough rythmic information for the conductor and band to stay sync with it. Probably the best option is to work with a click track in a headphone for the conductor. However this means that a simple CD player will not be able to be used. A computer with soundcard that can split the outputs into a stereo signal for the amplifiers and a headpone output with the clicktrack will be needed. For this reason there are several versions on the accompaniment CD. You can use whatever option is best for you, but please never play the click track amplified on stage.

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Early Skies - Flugel Soloist
Early Skies - Tape Accompaniment


The piano version of Early Skies is only available digital. Click here for this edition. The original edition with brassband accompaniment is only available printed by the order form below.

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