Echoes of Frictions

Echoes of Frictions

Orchestration: Brassband
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 2:30
Editions: Brassband (71,50 euro)

Laureate of the RWCMD/Cory Band Composition Prize 2015. 

Echoes of Frictions is a concert opener for brass band. The piece starts with an introduction of echoes or delays that are played by the cornets, set up in a 'surround' setting around the audience. After the introduction the musical alements of the introduction start to interfere with each other. This builds up and percussion is playing an important role in that. Just before the final chord the echoes return in the cornets.

The title 'echoes of frictions' is a reference to the frictions and duality that are always present in the USA. Often there is a lot of tension behind the facade of national proud, think of gay marriage, extreme religion and difficult relationships with foreign countries. Stan Nieuwenhuis translates these contradictions in this piece.

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