Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace

Orchestration: Cornet (or Trumpet) and Tape
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 7:45
Editions: Cornet or Trumpet + Tape (20,00 euro)

Fall From Grace was commissioned by Harmen Vanhoorne for his 1st solo album. It is an eclectic piece for cornet or trumpet with tape accompagniment. The piece gives an impression of the fall of former Libian dictator Muammar Ghaddafi. The accompagniment is added on CD with the parts.

Fall From Grace was inspired by the demise of Muammar Gadaffi. Stan Nieuwenhuis was inspired by the extraordinary statements by Gadaffi and his son, Saif Al-Islam, when they lost control of Lybia. The composition depicts the sudden downfall, following the blind arrogance, of the Gadaffi regime. The constant feeling of menace in the accompaniment, the restrained, long, practically structureless melodies, the short passages of chaos, the inexorable pounding of the bass drum, the raw sounds and the technically difficult writing all symbolise the different aspects of the war in its gruesome reality. The composer's descision to use recording of Gadaffi and his son to the exclusion of other voices are in no way intended as propaganda for the Gadaffi regime, but rather a desire to focus on the Gadaffi family's alienation from the world, their loneliness and finally their demise.

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