L'Effet Divers

L'Effet Divers

Orchestration: Brassband, Windband, Fanfare
Difficulty: Difficult/Very Difficult
Duration: 12:00
Editions: Brassband (110,50 euro), Windband (130,00 euro), Fanfare (130,00 euro)

Winning piece at the European Composers Competition 2015 in Freiburg (DE) during the European Brass Band Competition.
'L'Effet Divers' is a concert suite for brassband in 4 seperated movements. Each movement is based on a bizar news fact that caught the eye of the composer. The link between the different stories: they're all so bizar that it's hard to believe they really happenend. This gives these little stories a poetic air.


The first movement 'Terre' is based on an argument between two neighbours about a piece of land. One of the two loses it and starts cutting down trees, burying a car, ploughing the garden and a field of corn, demolishing a brick wall and digging drains.


The second movement '3000' is the story of an old man losing his orientation in the car. He drives for three days and 3000 km around London before he is found by the police.


The third movement 'L'exigence' tells the story of a fugitive maffioso who is so lonely that he decides to accept a life in prison to feel better. His only demand is that the commander of the police arrests him officially.


The fourth and last movement 'Fleurs' is about a rich banker whose last will is to use the millions he leaves behind to brighten up his little hometown with a million flowers.


The music is based on the atmosphere of the stories and their characters but is never ment to tell the story through the music. The news facts were starting points for the imagination of the composer. This composition is a call to look for beauty in small things and seemingly irrelevant stories.

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