March of Sorrow

March of Sorrow

Orchestration: Brassband, Wind Band, Fanfare
Difficulty: Easy/Moderately
Duration: 5:45
Editions: Brassband (65,00 euro), Wind Band (104,00 euro), Fanfare (104,00 euro)

March of Sorrow is a 5'45 concertpiece for band in one movement. It's a slow and sad march, opening with a flugel solo (brassband version) and building up to a big climax. After that it fades away again slowly and it ends with an off stage solo for the solo horn (brassband version).

Sorrow is more "intense" than implies a long term state. At the same time sorrow - but not unhappiness - suggests a degree of resignation...which lends sorrow its peculiar air of dignity.

The lyrics of the first verse of Pink Floyd's song 'sorrow' was an inspiration for this piece:
The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers,
But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

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