Mayfly Blues

Mayfly Blues

Orchestration: Baritone and Brassband or Piano
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 8:00
Editions: Brassband (51,00 euro), Piano reduction (20,00 euro)

Mayfly Blues was commissioned by Kristy Rowe (AUS). The piece was premiered in Linz (AT) at the ITEC (International Tuba and Euphonium Conference) in June 2012. The piece will be recorded by Kristy Rowe in 2012.

Mayfly Blues tells the story of a mayfly, a short-lived insect with a chaotic life. Because of the short lifespan of the highly visible, winged adult form, the mayfly is called 'one-day' or 'one-day fly' in some languages. Often, all the mayflies in a population mature at once (a hatch), and for a day or two in the spring or fall, maylies will be everywhere, dancing around each other in large groups, or resting on every available surface.

This concert piece for baritone starts and ends with a furious blues that evokes the hatch of the mayfly. It is full of effects, uncommon textures and big intervals that symbolize the dancing of the mayfly during the hatch. In the middle of the piece stands a slow movement that evokes the sadness and beauty of the only purpose of the life of a myfly, and for which he sacrifices his life: reproduction.

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Mayfly Blues - Baritone Soloist


The piano version of Mayfly Blues is only available digital. Click here for this edition. The edition with brassband accompaniment is only available printed by the order form below.

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