Ouverture Noire

Ouverture Noire

Orchestration: Brassband, Fanfare, Wind Band
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3:15
Editions: Brassband (78,00 euro), Wind Band (91,00 euro), Fanfare (91,00 euro)

Ouverture Noire is a concert overture for brassband. The dark music reflects a world of fear, chaos and sadness after the terrorist attacks in Paris 2015. Altough the music has a moderate technical level, a lot of layering and effects are worth working on in detail and make this piece interesting for every player in the band.

The piece starts with the main theme in the bass section. The further the piece evolves the faster and more choatic the music gets. The theme reappears and builds up to a climax but the last dissonant chord doesn't give relief. This silent but dissonant chord is a symbol for the uncertain future after the first days and weeks.

Ouverture Noire was test piece at the Flemish Open Brass Band Competition 2016 in the D section (3rd division).

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