Serenade from REwrite RElapse

Serenade from REwrite RElapse

Orchestration: Brassband
Difficulty: Moderately
Duration: 3:30
Editions: Brassband (50,00 euro)

Serenade is the slow movement from REwrite RElapse.

About REwrite RElapse:
The world we live in today in 2018 is vastly complex. Despite all progress we keep on falling into the trap of polarisation and conflict. After WWII everyone agreed: this could never happen again. The roots of this conviction seem frailer every day. Too often we hear the same words and expressions we heard in the run up this WWII.

Social media divide and polarize at least as much as they connect people. It must be said though that every one of these conflicts also initiates a more positive counter movement. Evil is persistent and sometimes it seems as if negative forces are taking over, but so far sincere love and respect are invincible. The only question is: how long will they last and how far will negativity take over this time?

REwrite stands for a renewed sense of hope, hoping to write the story again, but differently this time.
RElapse stands for literally relapsing into bad habits time and again.

Serenade is the REwrite theme, that is very consonant and is filled with warm harmonies. Stan Nieuwenhuis draws from the changing world he lives is and takes part of. The contrast between a peaceful everyday existence and the enormous tensions in the world we all live in, are a constant source of inspiration for him.

(Serenade is the section between 11:30 and 15:30 in this recording)

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