Orchestration: Soprano Cornet and Piano or Brassband
Difficulty: Advanced/Difficult
Duration: 6:10
Editions: Soprano Cornet and Piano (20,00 euro), Soprano Cornet and Brassband (50,00 euro)

Stratos was commissioned by Swiss soprano cornet player Jérémy Coquoz as a contest and concert piece with piano accompaniment.

Stan Nieuwenhuis got inspired to write this piece after Felix Baumgartner's supersonic jump from the edge of space. Several aspects of this exceptional mission are used by the composer. The piece starts of with a cadenza that is the dreaming and flashing of ideas for this jump. After the intruduction a slow movement portrays the slow proces of the ascent that took more then 2 hours. The jump is the fast movement after reaching the climax of the slow movement. The extreme technique and use of the whole register of the soprano cornet marks the difficulties of the jump.

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Stratos - Soprano Soloist


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