The Arrival

The Arrival

Orchestration: Brass Quartet
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 10:00
Editions: Brass Quartet (20,00 euro)

The Arrival is a piece written for a brass quartet. It is played the first time in Manchester at the RNCM Festival of Brass 2013. I wrote this piece for my brass quartet 'Exit_Brass!' where I play cornet and for which I am composer in residence.

The Arrival is a piece in three consecutive parts.The first part opens powerfully, is full of tension and dissonances. Then follows a rather virtuose part in which the two cornets compete against the euphonium and the tenor horn.This competition keeps going in the second part. It starts chaotically but is then followed by a choral. This part is rather sad and downhearted. It ends with the repetition of the beginning of the choral, that dies out in the end. The third part is very rhythmical and fuga-like. It has a pounding pulse with the main theme in all the different instruments on top. In the lyrical middle part, a long stretched melody for the euphonium occurs. The finale is again very rhythmical. It grows quickly into a climax. The piece ends with the main theme of the third part played in unisono resembling the beginning of the third part.

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