Orchestration: Euphonium and Brassband
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Duration: 17:00
Editions: Brassband (100,00 euro), Piano Reduction (20,00 euro)

Dedicated to the dramatic journey of Samia Yusuf Omar
commissioned by Glenn Van Looy

This concerto for euphonium was commissioned by Glenn Van Looy. It is dedicated to Samia Yusuf Omar, the Somalian athlete that died while taking a boat to Italy to find a coach for the London 2012 Olympic games. The piece is meant to reflect her life and her struggles.

The piece consists of an introduction and three consecutive parts, each reflecting a chapter in Samia's life.

In the Introduction you have to picture yourself at the Olympic Games in Bejing in 2008, right before the starting shot of Samia's 200m race. You can hear the crowd cheer, you hear the Olympic theme, the Somalian hymn. The race starts of with a bang and the first part reflects this race where she finishes last, almost out of sight of the camera's. But she gets a huge minute long applause from the audience for her courage.

The second part of the piece depicts her struggles at home in Somalia, the misfortunes she encounters. Her life as an athlete is almost impossible. The second part of the piece ends with the Somalian hymn. Even though she finds herself in a miserable situation, she wants to be proud of her country.

In the third part Samia departs on a journey, her Road to London 2012. The Somalian government is not willing to pay the trip and accommodation and Samia decides to go over land to Europe to find a coach and reach London in time. This journey ends dramatically as she drowns during a boat accident trying to reach Italy from Libya.

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Uphill - Euphonium soloist


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